Wash & Fold

​Wash & Dry Drop Off Laundry Service near Queens, Valley Stream, & Kew Gardens

Just get home from vacation with suitcases full of dirty laundry? Or did the kids return home from camp with their dirty laundry, sleeping bag, and whatever else came home with them? Drop it off at our wash and fold laundry service in Valley Stream or Kew Gardens. Our trained launderers will wash and dry it for you. Your fluff and fold laundry will be ready for pickup the next day. If you would like your drop off laundry back the same day, please drop it off by 11am. Our professional launderers will treat your laundry like it was their own. Valley Stream wash and fold is open Monday-Sunday from 6:30am-1:00am and Kew Gardens is open from 7:00am-10:00pm. We take our time and separate whites from colors, to make sure we give your items the best laundering possible. Each order received is always washed separately from all other orders. We will not combine orders for any reason so your items will always be returned to you.

Note: Baby clothes have an additional charge. 

Regular Wash and Fold Service

Commercial Grade Detergent

**10 lb Minimum Order

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

Deluxe Wash and Fold Service

Tide, Downy, Bounce Sheets, Stain Remover

**20 lb Minimum Order

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

Premium Wash and Fold Service

Tide, Downy, Commercial Grade Bleach, Bounce Sheets, Stain Treatment, Clorox 2 for Colors, Oxi Clean, Downy Unstoppables (Scent Beads)

**25 lb Minimum Order

Note: Baby clothes have an additional charge. 

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

Individually Priced Items

  • Comforter (King) $18.00
  • Comforter (Queen) $16.00
  • Comforter (Full) $14.00
  • Comforter (Twin) $13.75
  • Down Comforter (King) $30.00
  • Down comforter (Queen/Full) $25.00
  • Down Comforter (Twin) $20.00
  • Blanket (Extra Large) $10.00
  • Blanket (Regular) $7.00
  • Blanket (Small) $5.00
  • Pet Bed (Large) $15.00
  • Pet Bed (Regular) $10.00


We will happily hang items on request. If you provide the hangers the service is included, but if we supply the hangers, we charge $0.10 per hanger. We offer 3 types of wash dry combo services. You choose which service works best for you. When you use our drop off laundry near Queens, Valley Stream, and Kew Gardens don't forget to bring in your dry cleaning. We will have your dry cleaning back to you in 3 days.


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